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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Our Services

Dealer Sales

Firearm Transfers

Handgun: $75 + DROS + Ca. State Tax
Longgun: $75 + DROS + Ca. State Tax
Stripped Receiver: $75 + DROS + Ca. State Tax ($10 for each additional receiver from same shipper)
Private Party: $35

DROS is the Dealer Record of Sale.
This is a state fee and the charge is $25.

Firearms Safety Certificate

Test + Certificate: $25 Firearms Safety Certificate (HSC) is required before purchasing any gun (handgun or longgun) in the state of California. A written test is required to obtain a California FSC and the certificate is valid for 5 years. Some exemptions apply.

Gunsmith Services

Our shop rate is $80 per hour with a 1/2 minimum fee.
Gun cleaning - this is a basic breakdown and cleaning of the firearm, typically $40.

Special Orders & Layaway

Please call for details


Under $1000 - 33% off the sale price minus any applicable fees.
Over $1000 - 25% off the sale price minus any applicable fees.

Reloading Supplies

If you shoot a lot, you should reload (or buy ammo by the pallet, see below) Bullets, cases, powder, primers, presses and more. We reload not to save money, but so we can shoot more.


We try to stock the common practice and defensive ammo, rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition. If it exists, we can usually find it. If you need a bulk order, please ask, we can have ammo brought in by the pallet.


Standard USPSA Metric targets in the traditional cardboard. We can have targets custom cut out of AR500 or AR400 should you need something special. We also carry a variety of Zombie targets, bleeding and non bleeding.

Firearm Accessories

Firearm accessories, concealed carry, competition holsters, magazines, parts, and cleaning supplies. We have or can order just about anything you may need.

Female Shooters

Ladies have no fear coming into our store. We know coming to a gun store can be uncomfortable for the ladies at times and we do our best to make sure you are well informed and comfortable in all interactions.