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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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About Us

Spencer Hutchings

Spencer Hutchings is the founder and brains of the operation. He started out early in life with a love of firearms instilled in him by his family and went on to win the California Junior State Championship for High Powered Rifle in Silhouette at the age of 15. Now he enjoys competing in I.C.O.R.E., U.S.P.S.A. and local Run and Gun matches. His wife drags him on occasion to shoot Steel Challenge matches and has now started him in N.S.S.F. matches, but self defense training is still his passion. Spencer is also the Head Armorer (he doesn't like to be called a Gunsmith) for the store. From mounting scopes, new sights, complete rebuilds and refinishes or having “grandpa's gun” brought to him in a bag that used to work. He's always up for the challenge. When he's not in the shop working on or selling guns, you will find him out on the range.

Monique Hutchings

Monique Hutchings has yet to figure out what her job or title here is. She found her calling to the firearms business due to a self defense need but that quickly lead to competing and introducing new shooters. Her shooting passion is Steel Challenge, N.S.S.F., U.S.P.S.A. In 2014 she even trained and traveled to Florida to compete in the US Steel Nationals and finished 3rd in Ladies for Rimfire, 3rd in Ladies for Open Center-fire and 5th in Ladies for Limited. She finished Top Lady for Idaho State NSSF for 2013 and 2nd Lady for Idaho State NSSF. When she is not selling guns on the counter, she is working with new shooters trying to get them out on the range.

Brian York

Brian York is our "King of the Zing" and the work horse of the operation. If there is a duty that needs to be done, Brian is the man to do it. You have to be around the shop to understand his tag line. He is also our resident gunsmith in training. He was the natural choice for that as there is nothing Brian can't seem to fix or do.


Holly is the new kid on the will find her working behind the counter walking you through your paperwork. As the newest shooter in our ranks she can help by offering you the "new shooter point of view".